Heavy D’s brother attempting to gain control of late rapper’s estate

US rap star Heavy D, who stars in the motion pictu

Heavy D‘s sudden death in 2011 shocked hip-hop artists and fans and has lead to a rift between the late rapper’s family. According to TMZ, Heavy D’s brother, Floyd Myers, is attempting to gain control over the late hip-hop star’s estate. At the center of Myers’ claims is a will that was drafted by Heavy, born Dwight Myers, in the late 1990s.

According to Floyd, Heavy D wrote the will in 1999 and gave it to him for safe keeping. In the document, Floyd Myers is named as the sole controller of Heavy D’s estate should anything happen to him. Myers had served as the Uptown Records star’s manager. The will makes no reference to Myers’ parents or other siblings.

Most significantly, if the will was in fact drafted in 1999, it was well before Heavy D’s 13-year old daughter was born.

TMZ reports that Floyd Myers filed documents in L.A. Superior Court last week for the will be to be admitted. It virtually leaves the entirety of Heavy D’s estate to his brother. The rapper only had $320,000 in listed assets. However, there are expectations that there is more money in the form of royalties and accounts that have not been listed as of yet.

Floyd Myers’ attorneys claim the filing is merely a formality to clear title on a condo the brothers co-owned so that it can be sold.

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