Celebrities who ate their baby’s placenta


 Celebs who ate their baby’s placenta for nutritional purposes

While it sounds like something out of a horor film, a number of celebs are bragging about the benefits of eating their baby’s placenta shortly after giving birth. Most recently, Kim Kardashian became the latest star to consider the trend and chatted with a doctor on her hit show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” about ingesting the afterbirth.

“Don’t you think it makes you look younger?” she asked her doctor. “I really want to do it,” she added.

Alternative medicine advocates claim placenta ingestion can help decrease the risk of postpartum depression, cause better breast milk production and help with hormone swings. There is no evidence to suggest that it will help Kardashian and other moms-to-be look more youthful. Commonly, the placenta is processed and placed into capsules to be taken like vitamins, served with fruit or even pureed and put into soup.

Below are several celebs who like Kim were open or even went forward with the idea to eat their baby’s afterbirth. -danielle canada

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