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Amanda Bynes offered record deal with hip-hop label

amanda bynes recordsAre you serious?

Yes, apparently one record label is. First Paris Hilton signs a record deal with Cash Money, and now troubled star Amanda Bynes has been offered one with hip hop label Chinga Chang Records.

Bynes has said publicly on several occasions that she wants to be a singer or a rap star, or both, and Daniel Herman of Chinga Chang Records label told that he has offered Bynes a record deal and is anticipating that they will be able to come to an agreement for the project.

“I cleared the project with The Orchard and Sony Entertainment and they gave me the green light to go ahead,” the label owner said.

Herman founded Chinga Changa Records when he was 19. They now have offices in Pennsylvania, New York and Hawthorne, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles. The label has signed has signed the likes of Kool G Rap.

Herman rationalized why he’s going after Bynes to make her aspirations materialize.

“The fact that Amanda wants to do hip hop music means that Chinga Chang label is the best place for her to do this, because of my past experience with bringing pop and legitimate hip hop.

Umm, okay. But we’re talk about Amanda Bynes here.

Herman also factored in Bynes obsession with Drake that he says makes this an attractive musical commodity to acquire. Remember that Bynes has demonstrated her love-hate with the Young Money star. At first, Bynes said she wanted to get with him, only to later change her mind and call him “ugly.”

“I think that she’s more gangster than Drake,” he said.

Daniel said he’s “reached out to Amanda’s attorneys to negotiate the deal.”