NeNe Leakes denies being a bridezilla during her wedding

NeNe & Gregg Leakes - Wedding Cover

These days, it’s no surprise to hear that a celebrity bride-to-be is acting like a bridezilla, especially when it comes to reality TV stars, some of whom are known for dramatic antics. But, according to NeNe Leakes, when it came to her recent $1.8 million wedding to her former ex-husband, Gregg Leakes, she was far from a diva and certainly no bridezilla.

During a recent interview with, Leakes claims her bridesmaids were a different story.

“I have bridesmaids, but I like to call them bridesmaidzillas. They’re all very fabulous and they can sometimes be difficult,” Leakes claimed.

Leakes’ “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” girlfriends, Cynthia Bailey and Marlo Hampton, as well as “Basketball Wives” stars Laura Govan and Jennifer Williams, were all a part of Leakes’ bridal party. And although she’s friends with all of the ladies, she explains that bringing all of the women together for her wedding did result in a few interesting situations.

“These are some of my girlfriends who I made relationships with in the last few years of being in the industry, and then girlfriends I’ve known for 20 years,” NeNe said. … “You know when a bunch of women get together it can be interesting.”

And although Leakes is known for her larger-than-life personality, she said she toned it down a bit during the wedding planning.

“I don’t think that I was a bridezilla at all,” said Leaked. “I felt like I was giving a lot. I felt like I made myself second a lot. A lot of my bridesmaids have never been married before. I already had the pleasure of being married and having a wedding the first time. Some of them have not, so I wanted to do everything for them.”

She assured, “I was very nice trust me. I was way too nice. I had my moments, but I was nice.”

Fans get will get to see all of the zany and crazy moments between Leakes and her bridesmaids when her wedding-themed “RHOA” spin-off, “I Dream of NeNe,” premieres later this year.

And although she may not have been a bridezilla, other celebrity women certainly have been. Check out some celebrity bridezillas below. –nicholas robinson


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