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Mimi Faust reveals Eve caught her in bed with Stevie J

Mimi & Eve & Stevie - Cover

Since the debut of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” fans have always regarded Joseline Hernandez as Stevie J’s side chick and Mimi Faust as his main squeeze. But now the tables are turning as Stevie J recently implied that Faust was once just like Hernandez and played the role of his side chick.

Both Faust and Stevie have claimed that they were involved in an on-again, off-again relationship for around 14 years, which overlaps with the time that Stevie was with his other famous ex-girlfriend, Eve.

Fans have often wondered whether Stevie was dating both women at the same time and when one follower finally got the gumption to ask Stevie himself, Stevie responded with “@hexmurda: So, what was #Mimi’s position back when @hitmansteviej was f—ing w/ #Eve? #l&hhaReunion”>> baby Joseline.”

But during a recent interview with Vlad TV, Faust claims that she met Stevie first and dated him eight months before he met Eve. Faust explains that she was in Atlanta while he was in New York dating Eve and she had no ill feelings about his love life then.

“It was public. Yeah, I new about it,” Faust explained. “He was dating Eve. … He was allowed to do whatever he does. We weren’t married. He was doing him.”

However, Faust does admit that during one of Stevie’s rifts with Eve, he had Faust fly up to New York to stay with him in his apartment that he shared with Eve. Faust claims that she didn’t know Eve was living there as well and that things went awry when Eve showed up at his place unexpectedly to find Stevie in bed with Faust.

“She comes in, realizes there’s a woman in the bedroom and goes the f— off. Of course, who wouldn’t go the f— off? She was living there at the time. I would’ve gone the f— off too,” explains Faust, saying that Eve eventually left after yelling and arguing with Stevie.

Faust explains that Eve then changed her mind and decided to come back to the apartment again and got into yet another screaming match with Stevie. However, Faust decided to quickly and calmly exit stage left before she felt Eve’s wrath as well. Luckily, she and Eve never ran into each other again.

From what we’ve gathered, it seems like any woman who’s involved with Stevie will inadvertently be categorized as a side chick just because of the sheer volume of women that Stevie keeps in his Rolodex and in his bedroom.

But Joseline and Hernandez aren’t the only women who played the role of a side piece. Check out some other famous side pieces below. –nicholas robinson

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