‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’ reunion part 2 best moments

Kirk Laughs At His Infidelity

Kirk laughs about his infidelity

The episode picks up where things left off last episode with Rasheeda and Kirk sitting together to discuss their marital problems. But it becomes clear that Kirk still isn’t ready to take responsibility ofr his actions when he continues to claim that he had a free pass to cheat and he laughs while Rasheeda holds back tears as they watch his infidelity on camera. Mona holds no punches as she asks, “What kind of a husband tells his wife to have an abortion?” Kirk claims that he felt neglected by Rasheeda, but Rasheeda maintains that Kirk and his lack of respect and honesty are too blame for their crumbling relationship. When she asks Kirk if he would’ve stayed with her if she cheated, he says no and she explains that that’s why she may divorce him in the future.

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