Colin Christopher, a clinical hypnotherapist and author of the book Success Through Manipulation: Subconscious Reactions That Will Make or Break You, says if you feel your love life has lost its luster, don’t despair.

He says hypnosis and self-hypnosis is a game changer because it taps into the subconscious mind where all our thoughts, beliefs and emotions about love and romance are stored — so in other words, it can literally reprogram how we feel about these things and change the outcome.

Christopher says there are simple techniques anyone can do, and he calls it  “The One Minute Love Potion.” Check out the four techniques below. –joi pearson @JoiAPearson



1. Pour a drink and relax – Pour your favorite drink and take a few sips. Find a quiet place like your bedroom, lie down, take deep breathes in and out, and become very relaxed.