Child star Marcus Paulk arrested for domestic violence

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Marcus T. Paulk, who played Brandy’s baby brother Myles on the hit ’90s sitcom, Moesha,  turned himself in to police after a physical fight with longtime girlfriend singer Andi Roxx after a verbal altercation in a L.A. nightclub.

The couple was out at Confidential nightclub when Paulk allegedly was a little unhappy about his girlfriend not paying him enough attention and decided to handle the situation right then and there.

The punches were thrown after the two made it home, according to TMZ reports.

When they went home, Roxx says the fight got physical and Paulk punched her in the chin. She says she swung back and busted open his lip, so he punched her again in the stomach, and told her to get her stuff and get out.

She says he also kicked her in the stomach as she tried to leave .The next morning, Roxx says she went to the hospital with internal injuries.

Paulk turned himself over to police on Thursday morning after they contacted his attorney.

The actor has since been released.

Paulk played the role of Moesha’s pesky little brother, Myles Mitchell from 1996 to 2001 on the UPN Network  series starring Brandy Norwood in the lead role.

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