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Scandal! Jennifer Hudson spoofs Kerry Washington (video)

Scandalous with Jennifer Hudson

Who says President Obama’s White House doesn’t have a sense of humor? Talks of Obamacare and the government shutdown have Americans confused, up in arms and in many case indifferent toward the Senate Democrats and Republican-controlled House of Representatives who aren’t playing fair. But Jennifer Hudson has come to the rescue, playing Lydia Cole, in a spoof called “Scandalous,” which is a riff on Kerry Washington’s “Olivia Pope” character on ABC’s “Scandal.”

In an effort to promote the Affordable Care Act, which is commonly known as Obamacare, Hudson is a “covert scandal manager” dressed in a white trench coat.

She asks a distressed worker, “What’s your issue?”

“My company’s health care. It doesn’t cover mammograms,” the woman answers.

“The ACA covers preventative care for women’s health … Girl, go find you a scandal,” Hudson commands.

Check out the video, it gets funnier.