Bambi claims she’s not concerned about Scrappy cheating on her

Bambi & Scrappy - Cover

Lil Scrappy’s love life hit the front pages again this summer when he revealed his new girlfriend, “Basketball Wives LA” star Bambi, to the world. And although Scrappy has had several infidelity issues with his other exes, including fellow “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Erica Dixon and Shay Johnson, Bambi claims that she’s not worried about Scrappy cheating on her too.

“I know him well. I know him beyond TV. I can’t really base what he’s been through with them on how we’ll turn out,” Bambi told

Bambi claims that she’s never met Scrappy’s exes, but she has definitely met Scrappy’s highly protective mother, Momma Dee. Although Momma Dee hasn’t always approved of Scrappy’s women, Bambi says that she and Momma Dee actually have a good relationship.

“Momma Dee is cool. We’re cool. She’s super turnt up,” Bambi said. “I have people in my family like Momma Dee. I know how to deal with her. Just let her turn up.”

Rumors about how Scrappy and Bambi being romantically involved for a couple of years, ever since the two were spotted getting cozy together in a club. Although many, including Bambi’s former friend Mary Jane, assume that Scrappy cheated on Dixon and Johnson with Bambi, she claims that her romance with Scrappy began after he broke up with his exes.

“We’ve been friends for a couple of years. When I first moved to Atlanta, I met Scrap and we were friends. When his relationship ended, ours started,” she explained. “It was multiple people, when it was done with, everybody he was dealing with, we started.”

However, Bambi later claimed that Scrappy had some kind of ties to other women when their romance began. However, she claims that she gave him ultimatum about choosing whom he wanted to be with.

“At the time, me and Scrap were like talking, and he was trying to figure out what he was doing in his relationships,” she said.

“You better make a decision,” she remembered telling him. “At the end of the day, I can really do what I want to do.”

Well, we hope that Scrappy and Bambi’s relationship doesn’t go the way of, well, every other TV relationship he’s had, but if it does it certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity infidelity scandal. Check out some other infamous cheaters below. – nicholas robinson

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