Are you addicted to Candy Crush?

candy crush

The popular online game that’s so simple to play and really gives you a rush named Candy Crush attracts upwards of 45 million players per day. Even though it’s free to download and play, makers are netting $633,000 per day, which calculates into $231 million annually. With every candy swipe and match, and beat of the music, players satisfy their sweet-tooth during work hours, on lunch breaks, while sitting at home, on vacation, etc. … they can’t stop. Not even when the first five levels (lives) are reached and it’s time to purchase additional ones. Cha-ching! There are 400 levels.

According to the Telegraph, the game will soon go public. King, the British makers of Candy Crush Saga, have filed for a secret public offering, which is being managed by their new CFO, Hope Cochran.

Yvette Caslin
Yvette Caslin

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