NFL week 7 recap and scores


NFL Week 7 Recap and Scores

We’ve wrapped up week 7 in the NFL, and the Kansas City Chiefs are the only team left undefeated.  The Manning brothers both had their “1st of the season.  Peyton Manning and the Broncos lost their first game to the Colts this week.  The intensity going into this game was felt all over the world, with this being Peyton’s homecoming into Indiana after the Colts organization decided not re-sign him.  Peyton was given the opportunity to play for the Broncos and has been nothing short of a true beast in the league thus far.  On the flip side, Eli Manning and the Giants had his first win of the season.  This win was much needed and the spirits in the locker-room had to be celebratory.    -lili

Injuries:  Jay Cutler, Reggie Wayne, Arian Foster, Jermichael Finley, Doug Martin

Seahawks 34

Cardinals 22

Bills 23

Dolphins 21

Bears 41

Redskins 45

Cowboys 17

Eagles 3

Patriots 27

Jets 30

49ers 31

Titans 17

Browns 13

Packers 31

Broncos 33

Colts 39

Rams 15

Panthers 30

Bengals 27

Lions 24

Chargers 24

Jaguars 6

Buccaneers 23

Falcons 31

Ravens 16

Steelers 19

Texans 16

Chiefs 17

Vikings 7

Giants 23

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