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Julianne Hough dresses in blackface for Halloween

Julianne Hough dresses up as Crazy Eyes from 'Orange is the New Black' as she attends the Casamigos Tequila halloween party in Hollywood

Julianne Hough channels actress Uzo Aduba’s character on Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black,” Suzanne ‘Crazy Eyes’ Warren. She dresses as her character for a Halloween party, wearing an orange prison-issue smock, with a gray long sleeve shirt underneath and a ID with a photo and Crazy Eyes’ name on it. The kicker is she darkened her blonde hair and tied it up in Zulu-like knots and applied dark brown makeup.

She was flanked by fake fellow inmates in the same outfit and a fake warden wielding a baton. She tweeted.



Once she became aware of the social media backlash, like being called “racist,” she has since apologized.

crazy eyesWhat are your thoughts? Is it ever OK to dress up like a character even it means transforming your ethnicity to do so?


  1. remoten on October 27, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    It’s really facinating to know so many people make light of a preconditioning situation developed during slavery by the white slave owners that continues to flourish in today’s society because a few want this to be the norm for all people of color. Funny part is that the percentage of crime when actually totaled is by comparison the same as those who want it to be blacks only. “10%”

  2. Kittey on October 27, 2013 at 7:44 pm

    Its Julianne Hough. I don’t expect much from her. Everytime I see her in an interview, she’s always got something negative to say, whether its calling her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Seacrest (who was her boyfriend at the time) gay or something else negative and catty.This girl has issues…and diarrhea at the mouth. What I’m most shocked about is how this bitch manages to keep a job with such a $hit personality. She certainly ain’t that talanted. I mean…she’s cute but who ain’t cute in Hollywood. My guess is that her REAL talents involve knee pads…and producers.