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T.J. Holmes breaks the guy code

TJ Holmes

At this year’s Circle of Sisters Expo, T.J. Holmes shared his thoughts on how he keeps his marriage strong. One piece of advice he shared was  that he makes sure his wife is completely comfortable with the  friendships he has with his female friends. He sat on the “Black Men  Revealed” panel and gave some insight on how his marriage remained  successful over the years.
When Tamar Braxton posed the question to the  panel of whether or not they thought it was OK for men to retain their female friends after marriage, Holmes responded, “I absolutely do … 100 percent, yes!! But every single one of my female friends, my wife can pick up the phone and text them right now. I don’t have any  female friends on the side that my wife doesn’t know about. You [have to]  make your woman or wife comfortable. The female friends are now not only my friends — they’re now our friends.”
“The African American woman is the backbone of our community and  men should celebrate the women in our community and take more accountability for how they are treated as a collective.
“Our culture needs more events like this to celebrate African  American women and serve as examples that sometimes are not instilled in the home but can be learned from outside individuals and organizations  such as the Circle of Sisters,” said Holmes about the impact of the expo. –kimari clarke