Kansas City Chiefs’ Dwayne Bowe arrested on marijuana possession charge


Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Dwayne Bowe has been arrested on speeding and marijuana possession charges on Nov. 10, just before midnight. Police pulled Bowe for when his 2011 Audi A-8, was clocked going 48 miles in a 35 MPH zone.

The Riverside pollice who pulled him and two acquaintances over told Kansas City news:

“While questioning the driver, the officer detected a strong odor of marijuana from inside of the vehicle. The officer then requested the driver and two passengers to get out of the vehicle,” Riverside police said. “Once out of the vehicle the officer explained to the driver, who owned the vehicle, that he was a K-9 Officer and that the dog would alert to an illegal substance. Subsequently, inside of a black bag the officer discovered the wallet of the driver and vehicle owner, Dwayne L. Bowe, and two containers that had 6.6 grams and 3.8 grams respectively of what is believed to be marijuana in them. Bowe was then placed under arrest for the possession of a controlled substance. The K-9 alerted to a black backpack and inside of that was found a container that had 4.2 grams of what is believed to be marijuana in it.”

Bowe was arrested and processed along with one of the men, George S. Thompson, in the car and charged with speeding and possession but released on $750 bond. Thompson was charged with possession and released on $500 bond. The third man in the car, who wasn’t named in the police statement, posted the bond for the other two.

The Kansas City Chiefs are off to a perfect season with their 9-0 record and did not need any distractions. Bowe is amongst the top 10 highest paid NFL players in the league.

Bowe is certainly not the first NFL player to be arrested for speeding or marijuana chargers. Click here to see which other players have been arrested on these charges.

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