Pebbles to Wendy Williams: ‘TLC kicked Chilli out of group’

Essence And Pebbles Present: "The Next R&B Star" Launch Party

There were several jaw-dropping moments when Perri “Pebbles” Reid went onto the “Wendy Williams Show” to try to clear up tattered image in the aftermath of the typhoon of negative publicity in the weeks after TLC’s “CrazySexyCool” aired on VH1.

The biggest bomb was that Pebbles said on her show that it was TLC — and not Pebbles — who had kicked Chilli out of the group. Even Williams was shocked by the statement. “I’ve never heard that story before,” Williams said.

When Williams probed further for clarification, Pebbles repeatedly referred to the confidentiality agreement that Pebbles and TLC signed in the 1990s, following the bankruptcy filing, that legally restricts what she can reveal in public.

With Pebble’s bombastic pit bull of a daughter, Ashley Reid, seated in the front row of the audience, Pebbles began her surgical dissection of TLC and “CrazySexyCool.”

“It was all lies,” Pebbles said emphatically.

Among the other revelations:

  • Pebbles said that VH1 has come out and said that the “CrazySexyCool” movie was not based on a true story.
  • Pebbles said she is going after the network for stating “CrazySexyCool” was based on a true story and then backtracking after Pebbles unleashed the hounds from the law firm of Cut, Throat & Associates on the network honchos.
  • Pebbles denies walking in on Rozonda “Chilli” Thomas and her ex-husband L.A. Reid having sex. “I would have caught a case,” Pebbles said. “That never happened.”
  • However, Pebbles does believe that Chilli and Reid did have an affair, saying that “I did suspect a couple of things. I didn’t want to believe that.”
  • Pebbles is going to write her book about the entire episode. “Believe me when I say, I saw a couple of things …”
  • When Williams probed Pebbles about whether she thinks T-Boz and Left Eye know about the Chilli and L.A. Reid affair? “I believe so.”

Pebbles said she admonished her daughter against “beating” Chilli’s “face into the concrete,” saying on the show:  “we don’t do beat downs” as she wagged her finger towards her daughter, who smiled but remained silent.

“Was this a full blown affair?” Williams asked, to which Pebbles responded: “Girl you have to ask them. All I know this is what it produced.”

Pebbles said she created the all-time bestselling girl group’s name, not the members of TLC.

“It was my name, not theirs. I created that name.” While again referencing the confidentiality agreement, Pebbles basically said that TLC had to buy the name back so they could perform under it. Their new album is due out soon.

Finally, Williams asked “was there anything true in the movie?

“I wore Chanel bags, yes,” Pebbles said, which incited laughter and applause from the audience.

Pebbles closed with this foreboding promise: “The supposed true story is not true. And VH1 will be hearing from me. Yes, ma’am.”

What do you think about Pebbles’ first public appearance?

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