Fake Nick Cannon entourage member scams Fred Segal retailer for jewelry


In ‘How gullible can you be?’ news….

An all too trusting employee of Fred Segal’s in Santa Monica fell for the proverbial banana in the tailpipe as someone posing to be a part of Nick Cannon’s entourage tricked her into giving them thousands of dollars of jewelry supposedly for Cannon.

Here’s how it went down.

Someone calling themselves “Michael” called the store and told the soon to be unemployed young lady that Nick Cannon needed jewelry for an event. He then persuaded her to meet him at a hotel to purchase the jewelry. When she arrived at the hotel she was greeted by someone else who introduced himself as “Security”. She gave him the bag of jewelry and waited for him to take it to Cannon and bring the cash back to her. Of course, after the “security” figure left with the valuables, the poor gullible woman was left to wait in the lobby only for no one to return at all.

We’re guessing she may want to leave this particular stint off her resume as she may have a very difficult time explaining her reason for leaving her previous employer.

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