Man arrested after meeting woman on dating app and scamming her out of $80K

John Hill allegedly used his charm to prey on women and scam them out of money. On May 22, 2019, he was arrested in Tennessee on a felony warrant, according to WSB-TV. Hill would find his female victims on dating apps such as On March 27, he met a woman on that dating app and offered […]

Tisha Campbell’s ex-husband accused of using Will Smith in bankruptcy scam

Tisha Campbell-Martin’s former husband Duane Martin allegedly defrauded Los Angeles County bankruptcy officials who claim he scammed the system when he lied about being broke, the media reports. According to officials, Duane Martin purposely hid revenue obtained from multiple sources, including a $1.4M loan from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, during the Martins’ bankruptcy filing in January […]

Sad funeral turns to outrage after Missouri mom faked daughter’s death for cash

The death of someone at a young age is heart-wrenching. When family and friends were told that Brittany Johnson-Webster, 21, was killed in an auto accident, they packed her funeral at Ferguson Heights Church of Christ on Nov. 10, 2018, in Ferguson, Missouri. Johnson-Webster’s untimely death was even a shock to her when an aunt […]

$400K scammed from donors in massive GoFundMe fraud

In October 2017, people across the country were moved by the story of a homeless man who gave his last $20 to a stranded female motorist. More than 14,000 donors gave money to the man, and now it is being reported that the whole thing was a scam. Johnny Bobbitt was described as a homeless […]

Black Lives Matter scam: Facebook page owned by White man who took $100K

For the past year, people who thought they were donating to the grassroots organization Black Lives Matter (BLM) through Facebook, may have been lining the pockets of a White man in Australia. According to CNN, the Facebook page simply titled Black Lives Matter, had over 700K followers and was traced back to a man named Ian […]

Keaton Jones update: His daddy has issues with Black folk also

The tale of Keaton Jones, 11, and his plea against school bullies took another turn towards strange as more info comes out about his parents. Within the past week, it was learned that Keaton was actually bullying a Black student by calling him the n-word and other students began defending the bullied student. Apparently, the […]

Did America just get scammed by Keaton Jones and his mom for $57K?

The story of Keaton Jones keeps getting stranger and at least $57K is in the balance. Keaton became a viral internet star as 2017 comes to a close because of a tearful video that was made of him crying after being bullied. Since the video went viral, a host of celebrities offered support for Keaton and […]

Was the ATLOrgy party a scam? Twitter reacts

Live shot of the lady who organized the #ATLorgy fleeing the scene after finessing these negros out of their coins. ? — Is a elephant heavy? (@DiamondDogBark) March 19, 2017 For the past week social media has been on fire about the planned birthday party for a woman named Cidney “Total Liberation” Green dubbed […]

Fake Nick Cannon entourage member scams Fred Segal retailer for jewelry

In ‘How gullible can you be?’ news…. An all too trusting employee of Fred Segal’s in Santa Monica fell for the proverbial banana in the tailpipe as someone posing to be a part of Nick Cannon’s entourage tricked her into giving them thousands of dollars of jewelry supposedly for Cannon. Here’s how it went down. […]

Firefighters charge man $20,000 after his home burns down

A family in Surprise, Ariz., are facing a $20,000 bill from firefighters who let their home in a fire. According to MyFox Phoenix, Justin Purcell’s home went up in flames on Aug. 12. The couple and their newborn were not at the home at the time of the fire. But when they returned, they discovered […]