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Sad funeral turns to outrage after Missouri mom faked daughter’s death for cash

Sad funeral turns to outrage after Missouri mom faked daughter's death for cash
Funeral program for Brittany Johnson-Webster (Image source: Public Handout)

The death of someone at a young age is heart-wrenching. When family and friends were told that Brittany Johnson-Webster, 21, was killed in an auto accident, they packed her funeral at Ferguson Heights Church of Christ on Nov. 10, 2018, in Ferguson, Missouri. Johnson-Webster’s untimely death was even a shock to her when an aunt called her in Illinois to tell her that her estranged mom had held the memorial service.

It was all a massive scheme by her unidentified mother to get money. Johnson-Webster told her story to WTSP-News and stated her mom went all out, “They had pictures of me blown up into posters that said ‘rest in peace Brittany,’ and my aunt eventually had obtained one of the obituaries and sent pictures of it.”

Johnson-Webster’s obituary reads in part “Brittany finished her story on October 27, 2018. She was called to meet all the loving animal babies on the other side of the rainbow.”

Sad funeral turns to outrage after Missouri mom faked daughter's death for cash
Brittany Johnson-Webster (Image Source: Facebook/ Brittany Johnson-Webster)

In addition, Johnson-Webster stated that there were solos, a eulogy and a repast held at the church. She further said, “She claimed I died in a car accident and the next day someone had pulled out in front of me and I slammed on my brake and spun out three times, and all I could think was I’m going to die, my mom’s speaking my death into existence.”

According to Johnson-Webster, her mother has a history of drug abuse and because of her addiction, she was raised by her grandmother for most of her life. But the fact that her mother faked her death for money is especially hurtful because her brother recently died. “My brother actually died and here my mom is faking my death. You know I was upset, I was angry, but more than anything, I was sad,” she said.

Johnson-Webster has no idea where her mother is and issued the following apology to mourners: “I apologize for her actions. It’s messed up, but she ended up scamming you guys out of some money, you know just trying to make you feel bad.”

A  church spokesperson has stated they had no idea that her mother faked the death of her daughter. The name of the mother has not been released publicly.

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