From ‘Janet’ to ‘Enter the Wu-Tang’: 10 albums that defined 1993


It was an amazing year for music in 1993. Kurt Cobain was beginning to crack under the pressure of worldwide adulation, and Janet Jackson was giving the world a good look at her new physique and image. 2Pac was on the road to becoming the most controversial rapper in hip-hop, but a guy named “Snoop” was undeniable the rap game’s biggest name. In many ways, 1993 would be the year that defined the rest of the 1990s; as the early grunge boom gave way to more expansive musical sounds in alternative rock and New Jack Swing began to morph into hip-hop soul.

Snow had one of the biggest hits of the year. That’s right–Snow.

So we decided to look back at some of the music that defined that year. It’s hard to believe its been 20 years since these albums were dominating the charts and the airwaves.

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