Phonte blasts Questlove for lying, Solange responds


It’s very easy for things to get misinterpreted on social media, as The Roots drummer/producer Questlove discovered this week. Questo sent out a tweet that got hip-hop fans’ hearts a-fluttering when he “revealed” that beloved North Carolina hip-hop act Little Brother would be reuniting for a new project.

“BREAKING NEWS: The #Re-EnLISTment the new album by #LittleBrother in the works!!!!,” Questlove tweeted yesterday (Nov. 23).

The only problem was that there was absolutely no truth to it. And former Little Brother member Phonte immediately lashed out at Questlove for his misleading tweet.

“N—a stop lying,” Phonte tweeted initially. He then added: “Please stay out of other people’s affairs, man. You don’t see me tweetin s–t about you and @solangeknowles do you? Chill.”

Upon her name being mentioned, singer-songwriter Solange made it clear that she was not happy about being referenced as the two hip-hop stars had their dispute.

“N—a stop lying @ YOU sir,” she tweeted in response to Phonte. “Got me f–ked allll the way up.”

But the dust settled rather quickly with Questlove admitting that he screwed up by putting a false story out there. He said that he only did it to try and “will” Little Brother into reuniting.

“Game Over. Thought I Could Will A Great Group Into ReForming. It Backfired. Back To Your Corners Please. There’s No Little Brother Reunion.” he tweeted.

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