‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 5 best moments

 Yandy Refuses To Sign Amina

Yandy Refuses To Sign Amina

After the Amina, Tara and Peter love triangle blowup. Yandy is not feeling the idea of signing Amina to any label of hers, much to Tara’s delight. In Yandy’s eyes, Amina and Peter are way too messy to do business with; Rich thinks everything is still A-okay for business and he promises Peter that he and Yandy will sign Amina. When Rich meets up with Yandy to discuss Amina, she refuses to sign her. Peter pops up on them out of the blue and is excited to hear good news, but his bubble is burst when Yandy tells him her decision and she walks away from the two men and the idea of a label with Rich.

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