Kandi Burruss cries as she defends Mama Joyce from haters


“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star Kandi Burruss finally burst emotionally when the Grammy-winning singer-songwriter defended her mother, Mama Joyce, from the herd of haters who believe the matriarch is too intrusive and an obstructionist in Burruss’ relationship with boyfriend Todd Tucker.

Burruss, who appeared on “Watch What Happens Live” with a sympathetic Fantasia Barrino, began to tear up when she said she will continue to support her mother regardless of how she lambasts Tucker as a gold-digging opportunist. She also told “WWHL” host Andy Cohen that Mama Joyce was angry because “RHOA” co-host Cynthia Bailey and comedienne Sandra Bernhard joked that Burruss was still being ruled by her mother despite the fact that Burruss is financing her mother’s lifestyle.

“She’s not speaking to me right now because you and Sandra and Cynthia — she didn’t like the fact that you guys were saying that she needed me [financially], whatever,” Kandi complained.

“She can be fine without my help, let me just say that. But I feel like as her daughter, it’s my job that she’s good. She made sure I was good growing up; I’m going to make sure she’s good. I don’t care if she doesn’t like my relationship, that’s my mom.”

Her voice quivering, Kandi continued: “I don’t care what y’all have to say. That’s my mama! I’m going to make sure my mama’s good. She don’t have to talk to me. She don’t to have to say nothing to me. That’s my mama and y’all can tweet till you get blue in the face, I don’t care! She can have whatever she wants ’cause that’s my mama!”

After Burruss composed herself, she defiantly defended her relationship with her mother. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m not agreeing with everything my mother says. Obviously we disagree on a lot of things, but it’s just the fact that I’m going to be respectful in the way that I tell her. No, she’s not respectful in the way she tells me how she feels, but people are like, you’re making money, this and that. So what? When I became the person who made more money, it didn’t make me her mama. She’s still my mama.”

It matters little to Burruss whether the public likes the way her mother speaks her opinion about Tucker or any other aspect of their lives, Burruss will not blast back.

“I’m going to approach her in a certain way, and if she doesn’t like it, it’s cool. I just let her cool off. I still do what I want to do, bottom line. I just hope that eventually, things will be OK. She’s a little strong in how she gets her opinion across,” said the former Xscape member.

“People think that I don’t tell her how I feel. I do tell her how I feel. I just don’t say it in an aggressive tone. Todd and I are doing great and he wants me to work out things with my mama. He wants our relationship to get better,” she said.

As rolling out previously reported, Burruss believes that Mama Joyce’s regular consumption of Wendy Williams’ talk show was a major contributor to how she perceives Tucker.

“Did that contribute to Mama Joyce [not liking him]?” Cohen asked Burruss.

“I can’t pinpoint what it was,” Burruss answered. “But I can say that last year, every week Wendy was coming on saying negative things about my relationship with Todd and then my mom would come and, ‘Yeah Wendy said.’

“Every week [was] ‘Wendy said.’ I was like, ‘I don’t care what Wendy said. Let’s ask Wendy about her relationship!’ “

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