Friend’s of Terrence Howard’s new wife say wedding to Terrence was ‘crazy’


A few weeks ago, we told you about Terrence Howard’s secret marriage to Mira Christine Pak, his girlfriend of just one month. Now that fans and colleagues are getting used to the idea of Howard’s surprise nuptials (for the fourth time), her friends are well, not so much.

Close friends of Howard’s fourth wife, Mira Christine Pak, describe the 36-year-old restaurant owner as ‘unpredictable.’ One staff member at her Shabu Shabu bar in Santa Ana, Calif. told the DailyMailOnline, that ‘Mira does what she pleases, we never know when we’re going to see her.”

According to her staff, they didn’t even know that Pak had been dating the Oscar-nominee and were further more shocked by the news of their marriage!

‘It’s all a bit crazy this thing with Terrence. We didn’t have a clue that she was even dating him, then we all heard that she’d married him, and now we don’t know where she is.”

Pak, whose attended a handful of red carpet events with Howard recently, describes is a former NYU student and model. On her Google profile, she describes herself as “aspiring perfectionist.” Lord knows that Pak will need a little “crazy” to keep up with Howard. – ruthie hawkins/@ruubabie

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