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Funniest memes about boxer Adrien Broner’s humiliating loss

broner18Social media users had a field day torching rising boxing star Adrien Broner after he talked endless trash; he then got thoroughly thumped by Argentina brawler Marcos Maidana.

The Floyd Mayweather wanna-be, who calls Pretty Boy Floyd his idol, has talked twice as much trash as the flamboyant Mayweather while accomplishing less than half of what his hero has accomplished. Therefore, the crowd inside the Superdome in San Antonio were lusting for a Broner defeat and Maidana obliged them with a brutal beatdown, replete with two knockdowns and several near-knockdowns. broner15

Broner’s detractors were merciless as they were relentless in putting him on blast for such a poor showing. Take a look at the most hilarious memes about Adrien Broner’s humiliating boxing defeat.