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B.o.B: The hip-hop artist who created his own rules


Industry: Music

Title: Hip-hop artist

Twitter: @bobatl

B.o.B gained prominence through rap but he has never allowed a specific genre to define his music. The Atlanta-based artist can rap with the best in hip-hop and he’s unafraid to delve into other sounds.

B.o.B embraced his uniqueness as a youth. Along with writing rhymes, he would compose traditional songs and taught himself how to play guitar. His knack for going against the grain has led to the release of three critically acclaimed albums, the latest titled Underground Luxury.

B.o.B inspires by being true to himself and remaining fearless.

He’s quoted as saying: “When you’re different, it’s a job. You have to be wise enough to use your gift. You have to really grow into who you want to be.  Some people try to take it and change it. It’s not necessarily about what’s the right way and what’s the wrong way, it’s your way of doing something. That’s what I had to really figure out. When you’re an artist, you have to challenge your creative energy. ”