Twitter drags Chilli for appearing to diss Beyoncé


By now, the world should be well aware of the “BeyHive” on Twitter, a well-armed batch of Beyoncé fans who prowl the social media platform ready to drag the first person who even appears to diss their beloved Queen Bey.

So it was interesting when TLC’s Chilli co-signed a list by one of her fans that included things to avoid in 2014, mainly any variation of the name “Beyonce.”

chills chills2

As soon as this tweet made its way through cyberspace, the BeyHive quickly swarmed in like gangsters and started pulling Chilli by her enviable tresses. It wasn’t a pretty sight.

Chilli tried to squelch the exploding flames, but the BeyHive wasn’t hearing it:

chilli bey2

chilli bey3

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