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‘Love & Hip Hop’ episode 9 best moments

Erica Loses Rich & Cyn

Cyn learns the truth about Erica cheating with Rich

Erica has been on the fence on the fence about Cyn and Rich and decides it’s time to tell Cyn that she kissed Rich. Erica invites Cyn to the studio and tells her the truth and Cyn is furious. Erica cries as Cyn tells her that she obviously still has feelings for Rich and she demands that Erica choose: either stay with her or keep working with Rich. Not surprisingly, Rich walks into the studio, igniting a war of the words between him and Cyn. Cyn tells him to leave Erica alone and to get out, but Rich fires back that he’ll “lend” her back to Cyn for a bit when he feels like it. Cyn rushes out and Erica begins yelling at Rich, saying that Cyn has always fought for her the way that Rich was supposed to. It’s clear that Cyn was the right choice, but it may be too little too late for Erica and Cyn.


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