Most outrageous, racist memes about NFL’s Richard Sherman

sherman 2

The Seattle Seahawks won the NFC championship and are headed to the Super Bowl 2014. But the topic people are discussing more than anything else is defensive cornerback Richard Sherman’s mindless meltdown and bad sportsmanship. That’s the first tragedy.

Sherman’s imbecilic antics and pathetic histrionics on and off the field at the end of the game overshadowed anything that the Seahawks were able to accomplish collectively.

Saddest of all is the fact that Sherman’s grotesque behavior opened up the floodgates of racist commentary and exposes the kind of lens that many already view African Americans — and just how far we as a society are from that nonsensical “post-racial society” concept that sprung up like weeds during Barack Obama’s first presidential run. Then again, perhaps that part is not so sad after all. True thoughts and feelings tends to spill out unintentionally and unexpectedly during such highly emotional episodes such as the Sherman debacle. sherman10

And, make no mistake: it was a debacle. Sherman is deserving of scathing criticisms he is receiving for mocking the game of football and upstaging his own teammates. But it is the type of criticism he is receiving is what is so very interesting and revealing about America.

Take a look at the most outrageous and racist memes about the Seattle Seahawks Richard Sherman.

(photos: Instagram, Twitter)

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