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Georgia governor forms weather task force as new storms approach


Because of the recent ice and snow fiasco that left thousands of drivers stranded, Gov. Nathan Deal announced the creation of an extreme weather Task force. The task force is comprised of Atlanta and state meteorologists, school officials and transportation experts.

“We’re not looking backwards. We’re looking forward. What can we do in the future to avoid situations such as the one that occurred? We’re going to be as prepared as we can for the next storm,” Deal stated.

The move comes as not only the governor but Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed received national criticism and were the butt of late-night talk-show jokes. Both officials have promised to make a comprehensive review of what went wrong during the storm. The review should be available in about 10 days, according to the governor. Deal was in office in 2011 when a similar ice storm shut down the city of Atlanta for almost a week, after that storm he made similar promises. Now the National Weather Service has announced that three more major cold fronts are forming in the northeast. Atlanta is predicted to possibly have more snow in the next week, so the question is will Atlanta and Georgia be ready?

Deal is up for re-election this November, and the storm response is bound to be used by his opponents to their benefit.