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Bernice King sued by brothers

nobelpeaceprize2 The King estate is suing King’s daughter, Bernice King. The reason? Martin King III and Dexter King want their father’s traveling Bible and Nobel Peace Prize, so they can sell the items. At least that is what Bernice King has released in a statement: “On Jan. 20, as we observed my father’s 85th birthday and the King Holiday, my brothers, Dexter Scott King and Martin Luther King, III, notified me that they want to sell to a private buyer our father’s most prized possessions, his Nobel Peace Prize medal and his personal Bible which was used by President Barack Obama as he was sworn in for his second term in office and subsequently signed by him.” Bernice King is adamantly opposed to the sale that is being brokered for an unknown private buyer. The civil case (Action No. 2014cv241929) orders that Bernice King turn over her father’s bible and Nobel Peace Prize immediately.