Michael Ealy opens up about life, love and marriage


There seems to be some genuine excitement for your new movie, About Last Night. Give us some insight on the film.
About Last Night is a romantic comedy, where unlike most, we really deal with the complexities of relationships. We delve deeply into both the good and the bad, and not just gloss over the romanticized parts as is often done.

What has been the response thus far — both as it relates to your character, Danny, and the film as a whole?
What I have been seeing on this press tour to promote the film is that people have been finding the characters very relatable. They realize that this movie is truthful when it comes to relationships … this is all very real. In fact, I’ve personally gone through this. A lot of times, problems within relationships manifest themselves out of a lack of communication, so a lot of people are identifying with this film. My character, Danny, is lacking a certain amount of maturity, and finds that his unhappiness with his job, tends to manifest itself within his relationships.

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