Mama Joyce threatens Kandi’s friend, Carmon, over Todd rumors

Mama Joyce - Carmon Threat Cover

Mama Joyce has struggled to keep her opinions to herself when it comes to Kandi Burruss’ fiancé, Todd Tucker. But it seems like she’s having an even tougher time keeping her hands off her daughter’s best friend, Carmon, who she’s repeatedly accused of sleeping with Tucker behind Burruss’ back. Now, in a new preview clip from Sunday night’s upcoming episode, Joyce threatens to beat Carmon once again.

In the clip, Carmon comes over to Burruss’ house to work out, but when she arrives she solemnly tells Burruss that she’s discovered that the person who has been spreading rumors about her and Tucker is an associate’s girlfriend, Crystal.

Crystal has been telling people that Burruss caught Carmon and Tucker in bed together, but Burruss claims that the story is simply ridiculous and false.

“Anyone who believes that dumba– story needs their a— whooped!” Kandi says. “Oh, lord have mercy.”

Carmon - RHOA

And that’s exactly what Carmon threatened to do when she called Crystal and demanded that she stop spreading the rumors. However, Carmon explains that right after she got off the phone with Crystal, Joyce called her and left a voicemail full of nasty threats.

“What the f— you call Crystal for? You know that s— damn true, but I’ll tell you one thing. You put your hand on that girl, I’m going to drag your a– up and down the damn street like you was a damn rag,” Mama Joyce threatens.

“I wish the hell you would put your hands on that girl, you old lowdown heifer!”

After listening to the recording, Burruss was nearly left speechless as she shook her head in shame and uttered “that’s just crazy.”

At this point, we’re not sure what could convince Mama Joyce to settle things with Carmon and Tucker peacefully, or at least to just leave Burruss to take care of her own life. – nicholas robinson

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