Uncle Murda previews ‘Ain’t Nothin’ Sweet’ at Daddy’s House


Uncle Murda has been grinding. The brash rapper from East New York hasn’t taken a moment to rest since hitting the industry almost a decade ago. Despite not having released an official studio album since 2006, Murda has dropped mixtape after mixtape, keeping an ear to the street and his fans happy with a steady stream of hardcore street-hop. His latest mixtape is Ain’t Nothin’ Sweet, and Murda threw a bash at Daddy’s House recording studios in Manhattan to celebrate the release.

With his GMG crew by his side, and luminaries like Raekwon, Maino and Datwon Thomas in the house showing love, Uncle Murda debuted tracks, gave his protégés Ashanti McCoy and Keyz time to shine and held court with RO, where he talked about his new music and his crew.

“It’s not really a comeback; it’s just consistently working,” he explained. “It’s about introducing [the public] to my crew–my GMG crew. My boy Keyz, the ‘First Lady,’ Ashanti McCoy and Dem White Boyz. It’s about introducing people to my crew and letting them hear some music.”

“We’re bringing a little bit of the realness back. The s–t people really wanna hear,” Murda added. “What they’re not saying out there. We’re bringing that authentic s–t back to the game. That’s it. We want you to have fun to the music but we also want you to think about how s–t really be going down because it’s a lot more n—as out here f–ked up than it is balling.”

As far as how he hopes his music is received, the always-unfiltered Murda had some interesting advice for anyone listening to his tracks.

“I hope they’re motivated to go smack the s–t out of a weirdo,” he declared. “I hope they’re motivated, when the cops try to pull ‘em over for some bulls–t, to just speed off or back up and run over the n—a. I hope it motivate more ladies to wanna do menaje trois or give they man some h–d for an hour.”

The rapper also had words of encouragement for anyone desiring to pull themselves up in the industry and do it their way.

“Stay consistent,” he explained. “Don’t try to be like anybody else and don’t let anybody tell you what to do and how to do what you do. Invest in yourself and keep pushing.”

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