Kenneth Christopher Lucas

Kenneth Lucas and family

Family members and friends of Kenneth Christopher Lucas, a black father, want to know what happened to their loved one? He was in jail because his ex-wife notified police that he returned his kids late after his turn in a joint custodial visit. Approximately five days after his arrest he had a court hearing on Feb. 17, 2014. After that court hearing, when he was returned to jail, law enforcement had a problem with Lucas. According to family members, jail officials told them Lucas disabled a smoke detector and became disruptive. The Specialized Emergency Response Team Unit of the Harris County Sheriff’s Department extracted Lucas from his cell. Lucas, 38, was then placed in a holding area and put in a restraint chair.

According to leader of the New Black Panther Nation Bro. Quanell X, “Thirty minutes after the unit left, Lucas was found unconscious with no pulse in the restraint chair and was transported to the medical center where he was pronounced dead.” This marks the 137th in-custody death at the Harris County Jail according to the Texas Attorney General’s website.

At this time the exact cause of death is unknown and the family awaits the autopsy report. The distraught family held a rally for justice in front of the Harris County Jail this past Sunday with over 100 demonstrators in attendance.

Mo Barnes

"Mo Betta" Maurice "Mo" Barnes is a graduate of Morehouse College and Political Scientist based in Atlanta. Mo is also a Blues musician.

  • Ron C

    Caine was family to me. I highly doubt he took a damn smoke detecor off a wall. And if he did, why!?! This isn’t adding up. Thank you for sharing his story.

  • Mr Steelz

    137th in custody death? Just at THAT jail alone? Really? 100 protesters, that’s it? When are you all gonna say, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!! There are plenty more deaths in jails around Texas I bet. I worked in prisons where that chair was implemented. He’s supposed to be on camera or in direct view of officers. AND checked on every 15 in direct view, every 5 or closely monitored if isolated. You ONLY get put in the chair IF; try to harm yourself, staff, other inmates, or MASS destruction to your cell, extremely uncontrollable ( emotionally, hostile). My condolences to the family.

    • Film The Police Always

      They wont ever say enough is enough because Americans ONLY care when something directly effects them. I want to see BLACKS in Houston to march down there and show the elites that they are fed up with police corruption. Do whats happening in Kiev Ukraine. Only then will they get the respect they deserve.

  • diana

    I knew Caine many years ago. this is still hard to believe. I prey for the family to have peace. and may you RIP old friend…

  • Film The Police Always

    They murdered him and trust me, NOTHING WILL HAPPEN. The only justice that can be had is revenge. shows the criminal element of the police mafia across this country. Nothing happens to these thugs because the system believes if they go after these mafia members like they should then they will lay down on the job and the elite 1% that they truly do protect and work for will no longer be protected. Why do you think the average cop makes over 100K? It’s to keep the soldiers happy, and by allowing them off for all their crimes, well thats just part of the bribe. REVENGE!