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Jeffrey Hubbard given 4-year prison sentence for death of Tameka Raymond’s son, Kile Glover

Jeffrey-Hubbard-Pleads-NOT-Guilty-To-Kile-Glover-Killing-1Jefffey Hubbard, the man convicted of killing Tameka Raymond’s 11-year-old son Kile Glover on Lake Lanier in suburban Atlanta, was handed a four-year prison sentence on Wednesday.

Jeffrey Simon Hubbard was found guilty of homicide by vessel when he ran over pop star Usher’s stepson during a holiday family outing in July 2012, striking him in the head with his water vessel and rendering Kile unconscious immediately. Kile never regained consciousness.

Kile, the son Foster and TV executive Ryan Glover, was on an inner tube when he was run over by Hubbard, who was on a personal watercraft.



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  1. kelly on March 26, 2014 at 12:28 pm

    i never knew anyone was charged in the boys death . i though it was an accident . but some of these fools on the lake dont no nothing bout the safety of the vehicle they driving they just think you hop on and go …you have to know the rules of the lake and that children are always in the water this is truely a tragedy on both sides … both families must be devastated , i hope tameka can forgive this man , you have to forgive a person no matter what that easier said than done . though