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Life coach, Akema Day, gives advice about being on reality TV

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Akema Day is a certified life coach, guidance counselor, intervention ppecialist, as well as an innovator, author and motivational speaker. During CIAA weekend in Charlotte, N.C., ‘Let’s Talk Women’s Empowerment Day, Day spoke one-on-one with rolling out. Check out the interview below. -Joi Pearson @joiapearson

Photo by Joi Pearson Photography

How important is building your brand in business?

Building your brand in business is everything because without it you fall to the way side. For example, whenever you hear Mary J. Blige on the radio, how do you know that it is her? Because her voice is signature, so branding and adding a signature is a part of who you are; it is how people recognize you out of millions. You can brand yourself in a positive way or in a negative way it is totally up to you but people will know who you are once you brand yourself and get that signature

What should women, who are also mothers, who sign up to play reality star roles be concerned about?

I think that anyone who signs up for reality, when you sign on that dotted line, anything is pretty much full access unless you negotiate and say that I don’t want footage of my child or my family life. But keep in mind that whatever you do, it can turn back into a negative situation or positive. Keep in mind that whatever you do on film you have no more control over, and that once you sign the dotted line your life is exposed and you have to be ready.

For women who sign up to play reality star roles who are business owners, what should be their concern?

A major concern would be about the negative effects on your business. So once again you need to be concerned about your image and how you want to brand yourself. For example, some woman like to be the ‘villain’ on television and that may be successful for your business however it might not. So it can go either way. When you sign the dotted line and it is time for the cameras to roll, your life is exposed.