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NeNe Leakes tells Marlo Hampton to never call her again

NeNe & Marlo - Cover

 NeNe Leakes tells Marlo to never call her again

The ongoing feud between NeNe Leakes and Marlo Hampton has apparently reached a fever pitch, so much so that Leakes wants to cut all ties to her friend turned foe. Marlo Hampton recently revealed to RadarOnline that Leakes texted her and demanded that she “never call her again.”

“We exchanged text messages a few days ago. It ended up with her saying, ‘Don’t call me back.’ It wasn’t good at all,” Hampton told Radar.

“I was surprised by her reaction to me becoming friends with Kenya. It’s like, ‘Are we in high school right now?’” Hampton added.

Marlo and Kenya
Marlo and Kenya

As previously reported, Leakes has blasted Hampton for being an “opportunist” for befriending Moore.

“A so-called friend that fraternizes with the enemy is an opportunist in my opinion. They smile in your face, but are looking to take your place,” Leakes wrote in a blog post.

“Do I care that Manlow and Krayonce are friends? Absolutely not! I think they are the perfect match!” she added.

“Marlo has officially graduated from hungry to thirsty. I’m sure Krayonce promised her a role in one of the multi-million dollar movies she produces.”


Despite Leakes’ scathing words, Hampton recently told Radar that she would still consider being friends with the housewife.

“It’s definitely possible, but where I’m sitting right now in this chair, that’s the last person on my mind,” Hampton said.

“NeNe does better with mimes as friends,” she added. “It’s ok as long as you’re praising her and being her cheerleader, but as soon as you go to disagree, it’s a problem. I’m real and not going to sugarcoat something just so she can feel happy.”

NeNe is currently preparing for a stint on ABC’s “Dancing With The Stars” and will no doubt dish on the Marlo Hampton situation on Sunday’s episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.”

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