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Actress Mo’Nique talks gay marriage and her upcoming role in ‘Blackbird’

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Academy Award winning actress, Mo’Nique plays the religious mother of a talented teenager who is struggling with his sexuality and religion in the movie Blackbird.  When asked why she chose this movie, she explained that it was a decision she made with her husband and business partner. “[We] came across several scripts, but it was Blackbird that made the most sense.”

The director of the movie, Patrick Ian Polk is exalted by Mo’Nique as:

A brilliant director. I’ve never thought I’d get the opportunity with such a fearless director as Lee Daniels or a fearless actor like Gabourey Sidibe again and to work with Patrick [he] was just fearless and wasn’t willing to waiver from the story he needed to tell.  Julian Walker was fearless and wasn’t willing to waiver for fear of being ridiculed for playing that role. To work with them; it was an honor.

Mo’Nique is an avid supporter of marriage equality, stating “I am totally for love and happiness. You find that when people are in love and happy they are great people. When people are unable to love who they want to love it’s a miserable existence.”

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