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Rob Kazi stars in Black independent film ‘The Unhitch King’

Social media star Rob Kazi and director Irin Daniels put comedic spin on heartbreak

The Unhitch King takes a unique approach to the concept of a rom-com. Rob Kazi stars as Delbert, a man who uses comedy to sabotage his friends’ relationships.

Kazi and director Irin “Iroc” Daniels spoke with rolling out about the movie, which is available in select theaters nationwide Sept. 22 and 23.

What was it like working with Rob?

Irin Daniels: Working with Rob, his professionalism, the improv and how the entire cast jelled together, I just can’t wait for people to actually see the chemistry we caught on camera. It’s been an amazing experience working with Rob Kazi and some of the other people that star in the film.

What impact did New Orleans culture have on you as a creative?

Rob Kazi: New Orleans is full of creativity. I say that all the time, and I try to take every opportunity to say on platforms like this, it’s bigger than just me.  … It’s just full of comedy, full of creativity. I feel like that definitely influenced my mindset in a certain way.

What has your romantic journey been like and is it similar The Unhitch King?

RK: Some [of the] similar things between me and Delbert, this character I play in the movie, [are the] ups and downs and the struggles of trying to be something.

Have you ever helped a friend get out of a relationship?

RK: Not to that extent, not to that extreme. Let’s start there, and I never got paid. I did have a conversation with a friend like, “Hey, buddy. You need to get out of that,” but that’s as far as it went. It was just a conversation like the situation was extremely toxic.

Director, have you ever helped someone get out of a relationship?

ID: As far as being the Unhitch King, I have definitely been in some situations, I’m married now, but I’ve definitely been in some situations where I could’ve used the Unhitch King, like, “How could I get out of this relationship?”

What else can you tell us about the film, without giving away too much?

ID: I would say besides the romantic comedy side of it there, it is a coming-of-age film because Rob’s [character] goes through a transformation. His character goes through an arc because he wants to be this stand-up comedian. He wants to be the next Dave Chappelle, and he ends up using his comedy, skits and costumes in a different way to break up couples, move into houses and break up couples.

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