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Turntable Tuesdays: DJ Sandia


Sandia (Pronounced “san-dee-ah”) is an artist, DJ, producer, eco ranter, raver, and an advocate of spreading positive vibes and culture. Known for her creative skills on the turntables as well as her audio production skills, Sandia is all in one self-contained unit.

Originally, from Manhattan, she has traveled extensively to acquire an amazing archive of tunes and musical taste. Her love for different styles of music started from her father’s classical and opera collection, along with Mom’s old Reggae records. Now her tastes (and record collection) include everything from dancehall to hip-hop to Electro and Drum N’ Bass and more.

In 2001, Sandia AKA SandStorm took her first residency at Chicago’s Ethiopian Cafe, since then she has rocked a number of college radio station airwaves, and has booked gigs all over the country. Philly, NYC, LA, Chicago, and VA are among her favorite cities to spin. As an in demand event DJ, Sandia has played parties for television host Montel Williams and others.

When she isn’t keeping heads nodding and the people on the dance floor, Sandia says you will find her in a rare record shop digging in the crates and adding to her arsenal.

Here are DJ Sandia’s five picks:


1. Incredible Bongo Band – “Apache” 
This was always a favorite because it’s a classic record that I grew up listening to and I can like to dance to it. You don’t get any more classic than this one!
2. Weiss (UK) – “The Guitar Man”  
This one has been in my heavy rotation playlist for House music was of late. I  really really like this tune.
3. Hot Music – “Soho”
One of the first records I bought in Chicago. So nostalgic for me. It has always been in my playlist everywhere I go. I just love it. This will never get old.
major lazer
4. Major Lazer – “Get Free”
There are many remixes of this track and I probably have most of them. I just love the different style that Major Lazer has. He’s on some other sh*t and I am here for it.
5. Marlena Shaw -” California Soul”
Always a song that I can tune out of the world to. This makes you zone man. Even when I’m not in California, it makes you feel like it. So powerful.
You can reach DJ Sandia via the following networks : Facebook, ReverbNation, or Twitter

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