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5 things to know about Kwasi Enin; black genius accepted into all 8 Ivy League schools


Kwasi Enin accomplished a feat that was so extraordinary that it’s probably easier to be struck by lighting. Enin, 17, a senior at William Floyd High School in Long Island, N.Y., applied for all eight Ivy League schools and was accepted by each one. He is currently leaning toward attending Yale.

Here are five things to know about Kwasi Enin.

Ivy League acceptance numbers prove why Kwasi’s achievement is rare

It takes an elite mind to be able to gain acceptance into an Ivy League school. Here is a breakdown of how many students are accepted each year. Brown University accepts 2,619 out of 30,291 applicants; Harvard accepts 2,023 out of 34,295 applicants; Princeton accepts 1,939 out of 26,631 applicants; Yale accepts 1,935 out of 30,932 applicants; Columbia accepts 2,291 out of 32,967 applicants; Dartmouth accepts 2,220 out of 19,235 applicants; Cornell accepts 6,025 out of 43,041 applicants; and UPenn accepts 3,441 out of 35, 788 applicants.

Kwasi’s SAT score was also an amazing accomplishment 

One of the main reasons Kwasi was able to gain acceptance was because of his SAT score. He scored 2,250 out of 2,400 points. Only 2 percent of students score 2,200 or higher on the SAT.

Kwasi is a well-rounded student

Along with being an accomplished student, Kwasi also achieved outside of the classroom. He plays the viola, runs track and sings. He also volunteers at a hospital.

Kwasi hopes to enter the medical field

Because both of his parents work as nurses, Kwasi has been inspired to work in the medical field. He hopes to major in biology, neuroscience or biomedical engineering.

Family tradition 

Kwasi is a first-generation son of immigrants. However, several of his uncles and cousins were also accepted into Ivy League schools.