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5 things to know about the Yeet dance craze


Now that the Nae Nae dance is finding its way to the mainstream, teens across the nation are now latching on to a new dance called the Yeet.

Here are five things you should know.

Lil Meatball has become the de facto torchbearer of the Yeet

A 13-year-old Dallas native nicknamed Lil Meatball has become the face of the Yeet. Two weeks ago, a video was posted of Lil Meatball doing the Yeet while surrounded by friends at school. The video clip instantly went viral and has garnered over 120,000 likes and 130,000 revines. His image was then used on numerous memes which added to his social media fame. He is releasing an official video and it’s possible that he may release a song about the dance.

A rapper named Quill was the first artist to record the official song, “YEET,” in late February

Although Lil Meatball has gained the fame, rapper Quill was the first to record the official song called “YEET.” Since uploading on Feb. 28, the song has been viewed on YouTube 214,000 times.

It’s an official social media craze

At press time, there are over 35,000 posts with the hashtag #Yeet on Instagram. The Yeet’s Facebook page has gained over 20,000 likes in one month and Vine celebrity Terio has also attempted a version of the dance.

The Yeet’s origins can be traced to the early ’90s Atlanta-based dance, the Yeek

Although there is a generational gap, the Yeet appears to be an updated version of the early ’90s Atlanta-based dance, the Yeek. With the Yeek, dancers would often step side-to-side, pause and then react with the music’s bass line as spectators  yelled “Yeek.” The Yeet has more freestyle elements, but dancers and spectators still react to bass lines by yelling. This time around, the word is “Yeet.”

YouTube video

MarQuis Trill created a “How to Yeet” in early March

MarQuis Trill is likely the first person to create a how-to video based around the Yeet. He released the video on YouTube in early March and has nearly 200,000 views.

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