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Music » RZA addresses Wu-Tang affiliate’s bizarre penis cutting incident

RZA addresses Wu-Tang affiliate’s bizarre penis cutting incident


In an interview with XXL, Wu-Tang Clan leader, RZA. was asked about former Wu affiliate Christ Bearer’s (real name Andre Johnson) bizarre PCP induced incident in which he cut off his own penis and jumped from a second floor balcony.

RZA talked about how he originally met Johnson and brought him into the Wu-Tang fold as a part of the West Coast Killa Beez collective and part of the group Northstar. Though they hadn’t made music together in about a decade, RZA said the two had recently spoken not long before the incident. RZA concludes that mental health issues may have been at play as the root cause the whole situation:

It’s sad that it’s Wu-Tang affiliated. It’s like dirty press in a way. I want to know what the f— moved him to do those things. I thought he was a smarter guy than a guy who would do something crazy like that. But at the same time, he been in jail recently, he’s been in trouble. Maybe he’s mentally unstable. Maybe the mental health system should have took a look at him and said, ‘You know what? We got to hold on to this guy for a little longer.’ Because it’s not any sanity; even if you high, this s— don’t sound sane. This sounds more than high. It sound like mental problems or something that was bothering this man’s mind, and he needed help. It’s sad. I send my respect out to his family.

Johnson and partner Meko made the group Northstar. They signed to Wu-Tang and Koch Records for $150,000 and released the album Bobby Digital Presents … Northstar in 2004.


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  1. Just Me! on April 21, 2014 at 3:03 am

    Sad. 🙁 Mental health issues are abundant, and sadly often ignored. Stigmas, shame and embarrassment should be removed, and mental health needs to be equally a priority as physical health is- if not more-so.