Brittish Williams dishes on ‘Basketball Wives L.A.’


Brittish Williams spills on her “Basketball Wives L.A.” fame 

“Basketball Wives L.A.’s” youngest star is unfazed by the criticism sent her way every Monday in 140 characters or less. Instead of taking digital digs to heart, Brittish Williams is using her time on television to her advantage. Below, this saucy starlet dishes on her boutique and her relationship with her baller beau Lorenzo Gordon.

–danielle canada

What made you decide to do reality TV?

I really thought that doing reality television would be a great way to create a platform and create something to divulge the other things I have going on —like my company. “I [also thought] it would really allow me to further my career.”

Has reality TV lived up to your expectations?

Reality TV is a tricky situation. I think that it’s really lived up to the different ways I thought it would help my company. I think it really hasn’t disappointed me. I think people really get to see who I am in different situations. Of course, I’m more of a chill person on a regular basis. But if you put me in a situation that causes me to be a lot more loud or aggressive, then that’s what you get. I think that’s the variations of how they get our ratings up.

Now that the season’s over, what does your fiancé Lorenzo Gordon think about “Basketball Wives”? 

Lorenzo is totally supportive of whatever I wanna do. He laughs and he watches the episodes with me. He thinks whatever I wanna do that’s gonna further the other things I wanna do, he’s with it.


Talk to me about your Love of Labels boutique; has the show affected your sales?  

We’re more of a store and we sell internationally. We sell a lot of stuff and we were selling internationally before “Basketball Wives” started and it has really helped with sales too. It kind of hindered it [the store] and it kind of helped it. My client base is more caucasian, we have black people who shop with us but we have white people that shop with us a lot. The people who like me shop with us and the people who don’t like me don’t shop us.

Are you planning on expanding?

I’m also a shoe designer. I actually did an episode of me designing shoes for the fall. I’m putting together my shoe line now. It’s called Privet shoes which means “Hello” in Russian. It’s the shoe that “talks to you first.”

What do you think is the biggest misconception about you? 

The biggest misconception is that I’m ignorant and ghetto. That’s hilarious to me. I went to St. Louis University and I went to one of the top high schools in the nation. It’s funny because they think I don’t know to speak because I say things like “hurr” [here] and “thurr” [there]. It’s not that I can’t enunciate my words, or I’m not articulate but when I’m in the midst of talking to my peers I’m going to talk regular. If I’m in an interview, as you can see I’m going to talk the correct way. I’ve been called uneducated and I laugh at that.

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