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Yung Joc talks ‘Love & Hip-Hop’ and defends his new song title

Yung Joc is resurfacing in 2014 after an extended hiatus from hip-hop and the spotlight. The Atlanta rapper who rose to fame in the mid-2000s via hits like “It’s Goin’ Down” and “I Know You See It” has returned with new music this year and, earlier this year, was revealed to be a part of the upcoming season of “Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta.”

Recently speaking to The Urban Daily about his appearance on the hit show this season, Joc shared that he hopes that his joining the world of reality TV will offer fans a different look at the rapper. He is looking forward to people seeing a more “grown-up” Yung Joc.

“I’m definitely prepared for it to change,” Joc said in regard to his public image. “I know what I signed up for. I ain’t no spring chicken. I’ve been around the block. The name is ‘Yung Joc’ and I have a youthful vibrance to myself, but at the end of the day, I’m a grown man. Hell, my son is 14 and I did not have him at a young age. With that being said, I ain’t gotta say too much more. [laughs]”

Joc also defended his new song, “I Got B—-es” and it’s controversy-courting title. He said he had a very good reason for naming his song “I Got B—–es.”

“Cuz I got b—-es,” Joc said directly. “I think I would try to be as truthful to the song as I possibly can. Just because ‘I got b—hes’ don’t mean I’m f—ing them all. I got b—-es on my team and in my corner. I know it comes with such a negative undertone to use the word ‘b—h’ to express the amount of women I have.

“I mean, why can’t I say it if they’re out here calling themselves b—-es,” he added. “So don’t look at me as saying it bad because I got some very prominent business women who will say, ‘I’m a bad b—h. I’m an educated b—h.” And I’m just like, ‘Well, OK.’ “