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Peter Gunz says 8 is enough, he’s not having any more children

Peter Gunz - Angry Cover

When it comes to baby mama drama, “Love & Hip Hop” star Peter Gunz has it in spades. The self-professed “creep” had seven kids by five different women before he joined the cast of the hit VH1 show. And now that his wife, Amina Buddafly, is pregnant, Peter is about to be a father of eight. And while many assume that Peter isn’t done spreading his seed, he recently revealed that he plans on getting a vasectomy.

In a new interview with Sister 2 Sister, Peter and Amina talked about their future plans and Peter shocked even Amina when said he refused to have any more kids.

“I’m getting a vasectomy!” Peter declared.

Amina revealed that she and Peter argue often about the prospect of new kids and she even mentioned finding another man to have a baby with.

“What if I want another child? What are we going to do? I’m going to have another child by somebody else,” Amina said.

“No. [Laughter] As hard and as hurtful as that sounds to me right now, that’s the only way. I’m not having any more kids,” Peter responded.

“So you’re OK with me in the future having another child with somebody else?” Amina asked

“Hell no! But that’s more likely to happen than us having another child. Fact. I’m not having any more kids,” Peter replied.

Peter maintains that he never having another biological child again, but he did reveal that he’s OK with other means of having a child.

“We can adopt somebody’s kids, but I’m not personally making any more babies. Yo, for the record, my family is supportive of it now, but when they first got the news that Amina was pregnant, nobody was jumping up clicking their heels. Like, ‘Yo, Peter, at some point you got to chill out. You can barely handle the ones you have.’ ”

Well, considering how many kids Peter has, as well as his documented issues with child support and poverty, we agree that perhaps it’s time for him to stop having kids. But we doubt that’s the only thing he and Amina have to worry about when it comes to their marriage. –nicholas robinson


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  1. Velvet Jones on May 1, 2014 at 6:29 pm

    Wwwwwhhhhyyyyyyyy, n*gga? Why is this even a MF story??