Floyd Mayweather disses Nelly, says Miss Jackson faked having a miscarriage

Floyd Mayweather Jr. & Shantel Jackson

Floyd Mayweather disses Nelly, Miss Jackson

Floyd Mayweather is continuing to rant about his ex Shantel Jackson, this time alleging that the model lied about losing their twins in a miscarriage and is dating rapper Nelly for publicity. As previously reported, the boxer shocked his fans when he posted a songoram and accused her of terminating her multiple pregnancy.

“I don’t believe in killing kids,” wrote the boxing champ.

The post came shortly after the model was spotted court side at a basketball game with Nelly.


Following that, Nelly wrote an Instagram post explaining that he and Mayweather aren’t friends and noted that the boxer tried to sleep with his ex Ashanti. Obviously none too pleased, Mayweather responded Friday by ranting to V-103’s Big Tigger about the situation.

Speaking live on the air in Las Vegas, Mayweather noted that a friend told him the rapper was on steroids and had to borrow half a million dollars from Ashanti. He then  jokingly praised him for releasing his Country Grammar album.

“Like I said before, I can remember early on in 2000, he had that big album, Country Grammar. I was proud of him. As a black man, I’m proud of him,” said Mayweather. […]

“Because I’ve seen him at my fights, supporting me even though he had said some negative things about me as far as, ‘I’ve hung out with this girl that Floyd know,’ or ‘I hung out with that girl Floyd know.’ I’m not gonna do the same.”


Obviously inconsolable because a member of his harem moved on, the infantile athlete then aired out more of his personal business and revealed that Miss Jackson faked having a miscarriage because she didn’t want to “mess her body up.”

“I reacted because I was upset,” said the champ. “I wanted the world to know that she really had an abortion, not a miscarriage. I wanted to put the picture on “All Access” but I had already done the interview. After “All Access” went off somebody from Showtime got in touch with me and said ‘Floyd, I’m glad that you didn’t put the picture out there because she didn’t have a miscarriage, she had an abortion.'”

“She’s telling me the whole time that stress from me made her have a miscarriage when all in all she went and got an abortion. It hurt my feelings because she’s selfish. All she’s worried about is looks,” he added.

“Talking about, ‘I don’t wanna mess my body up’ but everything you got on your body I paid for so it’s okay. Even if you had the babies if you wanted me to put you back together like I did in the beginning, I could’ve done it again.”

He also alleged that the aspiring model confessed to dating Nelly for publicity.

“I’m not mad about any relationship or them [Nelly and Miss Jackson] hanging out,” said Mayweather. “She [Miss Jackson] like to come and tell me, ‘Well, it’s all for publicity. I gotta do what’s best for me. I’m using it as stepping stone so I can get my reality show started.'”

“I was in my house just before training camp, or at the beginning of training camp, and we were together, sexually. So now she’s at a point where she’ll do anything for fame.”

Nelly has since responded to Mayweather’s rant and joked about it on Instagram. As for Miss Jackson, she seems undeterred by the controversy and posted the below photo of her driving a Ferrari.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 9.34.44 AM

You can listen to Floyd Mayweather’s full Nelly/Shantel Jackson diss here.

-danielle canada

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