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V. Stiviano slammed for saying Donald Sterling isn’t racist during interview with Barbara Walters

V. Stiviano Instagram 7

Barbra Walters scored the first interview with V. Stiviano since the audio release of ousted Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling’s racist rant. While sitting down with Walters, Stiviano shared her side of the story and gave insight on how  Sterling is feeling after the audio leaked.

Throughout the interview, Stiviano often seemed unaware of the irrational nature of her answers. When asked if she believed Sterling was a racist, Stiviano answered, “No, I don’t believe it in my heart.” She also didn’t believe that his comments were bigoted. Walters challenged that assessment by asking if Sterling’s comments on the recordings were racist. Stiviano answered by saying she doesn’t believe that his actions prove that he is a racist.

From the tone of the interview, it seems that Stiviano has received some kind of payment from Sterling to do damage control. Although she believes he should apologize for the statement, she denies that he is racist.

The entire interview made Stiviano appear to be an uneducated soul, who obviously used sex to rub shoulders, and other things, with the rich and powerful.

Here are reactions from Twitter:

‏@CharlesMBlow 4h

I told you folks on Thursday that Stiviano seemed to be “coddling” Sterling and his racist beliefs. Tonight she further confirmed my opinion



I just watched the V Stiviano interview. smh. she said Sterling isn’t racist. this bird is so dumb & I just realized she looks like Miguel.



very confused listening to V. Stiviano, She needs to go to college, She should be ashamed of her actions


‏@ItsTheBrandi 11m

Hold on. V. Stiviano is still with Donald Sterling? I honestly don’t know which one is the bigger idiot for this.


  1. Samuel on May 3, 2014 at 10:06 am

    It was hard for Stiviano to call her Sugar Daddy a racist, especially when she obviously still communicating with him. Maybe to her it’s selective racism….

  2. virginia662 on May 4, 2014 at 1:30 pm

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  3. butter bean sugar on May 5, 2014 at 12:07 am

    what a dam lier she did all that spying and exposing , just cause the mans wife was deaing with her the wife started the issue with her by evicting hr form a condo she was owning donald bought so shameful ..she need to sit down some where little gold diggin monkey ..she look like one of those african monkeys …. just ugly .and she was just tryig to gain some fame , but covered up her face as though that was not her goal.. lier