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Nikko wants to box with Stevie J

Stevie J & Nikko - Cover

It’s no secret that “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” stars Nikko and Stevie J are far from friends. Ever since Nikko began dating Stevie’s famous ex, Mimi Faust, the two men have been battling for her attention. And even though Stevie went on to allegedly marry Joseline Hernandez, their feud grew even worse once Faust and Nikko’s sex tape leaked. Now, in a recent interview, Nikko announced that he wants to take their beef to the next level and has challenged Stevie to a boxing match.

On Tuesday, Nikko and Faust stopped Atlanta’s “The Ryan Cameron Morning Show” and Nikko weighed in on claims that he looks just like Stevie. That’s when Nikko threw out a surprising boxing challenge to Stevie.

“Wow … let’s set the record straight right now. No, I do not look like Stevie J. I don’t think I look like Stevie J. But let’s set the record straight for a minute y’all, let’s separate the boys from the men. On air, now live, with Ryan, I’m announcing Nikko London and Steven Jordan boxing match, one on one; we can do it at 5th Arena, we can do it at Madison Square Garden,” Nikko claimed.

Nikko then claimed that part of the proceeds can go to Stevie’s child support payments, for which he’s facing heavy lawsuits to the sum of $1 million.

“I’m giving away 20 percent to charity, 10 percent is going to Stop The Bullying, and the next 10 percent is going to the child support cases out there. Listen, I’m telling you right now, live on air right now, Steven Jordan I’m challenging you to a boxing match. We can do it Pay-Per-View, HBO; Ciroc get ready, Grey Goose, Patron get ready, all the sponsors come out; it’ll be a good one,” Nikko said.

“Get your money on Pay-Per-View, we can do it at Madison Square Garden, my city, my hometown, Brooklyn, New York or we can do it at 5th’s Arena in Atlanta. Get your money up, this ain’t about my lady, this ain’t about Joseline, the backup singer, this about me. We gonna separate the boys from the men right now because last year, y’all had Stevie J. He tried to humiliate me, on air, with the watch, the K. Michelle, the whole gay thing. Nothing about me is gay, let’s go in the ring, and you added to that Steven Jordan, the gay rumors, the watch. So what I’m gonna do, we gonna’ separate the boys from the men right now, on air, this is for the world. Tune in, whatever location, we can do it. Get ya’ training on today, start today Steven Jordan,” Nikko added.

Stevie has yet to respond to Nikko’s challenge, which is probably a good thing considering a fight between them would be more of an embarrassment than a legitimate battle. However, Stevie isn’t the only one Nikko insulted. Check out what he had to say about Joseline Hernandez after the cut. – nicholas robinson


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  1. Shady Jack Jones on May 12, 2014 at 2:48 pm

    These two f*ck n*ggas, really??? I rather watch my dog try and f*ck my cat!